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Österliches Erwachen im Auenwald

25. März 2015 Landschaft

Keine Worte nur Musik…

Johann Sebastian Bach – Johannes Passion – Ruht wohl ihr heiligen Gebeine

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  1. Amazing image!
    I’ve read a story of Jascha Heifetz, known as one of the greatest violinist of all time. After one of his concerts, an elderly lady approached him and said “Mr. Heifetz, I just love the sound your violin makes.” He picked up his violin, held it up to his ear and said “Funny, I don’t hear a thing.” When the time comes where you give a monkey a camera, and that monkey starts to produce great photos simply by having opposable thumbs to hold that camera and click on the shutter button, that’s when I’ll believe that “your camera takes great photos.”

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